"Digital Membership System" en "D-Member" trade names

The words "Digital Membership System" and "D-Member" are trade names of Maindes.
The law obligates trade names owners to police their trade names and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties.
Through this policy we’d like to make it clear how D-Member related projects, organisations, and people can use the D-Member trade names.
We’d also like to be clear about how use of the words are restricted when used to promote commercial D-Member services.
We do this to protect the very business model that allows us to continue developing D-Member for you.


Allowed uses of "Digital Membership System" and "D-Member"

The following uses don’t require any permission at all:


Restricted uses of "Digital Member System" and "D-Member"

The following uses are generally prohibited without explicit and direct permission being granted to you by Maindes.
We do this to protect the D-Member project from software and sites which could confuse people.
Please contact us to ask for permission in writing.

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D-Member is a trade name of Maindes